I stumbled on the web version of outlook few days back cuz my laptop client wasn't responding. I purposefully logged Internet Explorer assuming IE would be most tested browser for Outlook though later I discovered its equally powerful on Chrome.  

As a background  , I have used Outlook ( and most other office apps )  on every possible platform .. Windows , Mac, iOS, Android and on devices of every shape and form. it might sound crazy but I sync my work outlook on as many 13 different clients :-) While each of the office apps is a great individual one, Office in itself always remained a bundle of apps . This is changing with office on Web ; its more like a productivity platform now. Its a big deal,  for bringing the whole Office and Share Point experience to web is no mean task and shows new Microsoft is as committed to open web as its to Windows
The best part is -  it works. For example, I am not missing my desktop outlook app any more. Online Word , Excel, Power Point and One Note are still not enterprise grade but its a matter of time only ..  direction is right. The biggest surprise was Peoples app on the web. Its way more powerful as now we can create collaboration groups on the fly .. search for company wide distribution lists and actually see who all are there in those lists. And its easy !
I think Microsoft deserves credit for building such superior office experience on web when everything else is getting Appified . And doing this in parallel (and with equal focus) on iOS, Mac and Windows mobile platform is even more praise worthy. A true spirit of word "365". 

Originally published on Linkedin by me